tribal + high waisted Levi's ( cause i don't know what else to tittle this)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

^ yes i realize one short is higher then the other i forgot to roll the other one^

this is something that is so out of my comfort zone that i normally would nevvver wear but I've had these pieces in my closet for  a little over 2 years & i couldn't wear the high waisted levis when i was pregnant so i figured why not? I actually DIY'd them & found them at the thrift store a loooong time ago! this crop top is so comfortable & light weight & i love the tribal print. I threw on some chunky wedges too, which gave it a more feminine bohemian feel. Also once again with the clip in bangs shhh also worn here I love how simple they are but they change my complete hairstyle which im so not loving right now.. its at that funky stage of long but short. im sure you've heard me talk about it a billion times just keeping it real ha. & how is it only wednesday! I woke up thinking it was thursday all day but it definitely feels like a monday.

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