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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ive been having mixed emotions on sharing a lot with my baby and posting photos of her. Hailey Devine's post literally scared me so bad i didn't want to post anything for the longest time! The world is a scary place But why let those dis hearted people win. It took me some time to get comfortable to post photos & I'm still not there, after all I want to protect my baby as all us Mamas do. 

I also want to share moments that make me so happy my heart dances the other day I  posted this pic on instgram of my baby walking! she is actually running now but im so proud of her and I can not believe it! she has been walking with our hands for the last month or so and slowly gained her confidence & she now does the monkey walk with her little arms up in the air. it's.the.cutest.thing.everrrr. 

so excuse me while I post my proud mama moment. & a little rant about what I want to share & a reminder to myself why I started this blog. I want to look back on this one day cause im horrible at printing out my pics! I know! ok. I know! I posted everything from when we found out we were pregnant & wayyy before that! also posted all of my bump dates that I casually looked back on today missing my bump & having major baby fever! To the time Ava was born & forward. I don't want to lose why I created this blog but I also want to keep precious moments to my self sometimes ya know? I also love sharing things with you guys too & I love reading other mama blogs!


  1. I just read that post...that makes me feel sick!

    1. I know! I thought it should be something other Mom's should be aware of!


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