Monday, June 27, 2016

romper & shoes thrifted!

 Im not sure about you but i feel like im not the only one when it comes to mondays i had no idea what to write about this morning and this just came to mind. I'm feeling like a bus hit me & im wayyyyy to tired haha I should be napping right now but I have about a billion things to do on my to do list. thats another thing I make lists left and right! Its so satisfying crossing things off here and there. anyways. I thrifted this romper! it had shoulder pads & I just cut them out. I thought about starting a new segment on my blog since I'm always at the thrift store ha ha! The One we live by is actually really nice & they get a ton of target stuff in. I got this blanket last year and its still on the shelves at the store & I scored it for 10 bucks! I also got this purse that im obsessed with for $4! I could do a post on what I get? Im actually going this week! If thats something you would be interested in seeing, just let me know :)


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