I got bangs but they are not what you think!

Monday, June 6, 2016

^ that face^

i know back at it again with this tee. hahah i cant help it. its. so.comfy. alright why so many periods all of a sudden, anyways im baaack to blogging this week i decided to take a mini break & come back with something a little different. or should i say something different? i posted on instagram over the weekend that i might have cut my hair & got bangs! & i totally didn't! they are fake ones. you cant tell right?! well at least i hope not haha. a little back story when i was in high school like freshman year suppppper youngggg i use to have bangs "side swept" to be exact ha & let me tell you i never once thought about going back until the beautiful barefoot blonde cut hers & totally made me want to cut mine but im too afraid to make the commitment so ill just pop these babes on when im feeling super saucy! 

& i thought i would throw in some real life photos, fresh changed bum, dirty diaper behind me. & a baby girl who wanted to snuggle. #reallifemomlife

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