how i edit my instagram photos

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

1. high quality images.
i would say this is key to me. you want to create content that is clear & simple. 99% of my photos are shot with my DSLR then uploaded to my email & downloaded to my phone. i know this sounds like such a hassle but trust me it makes a world of difference! don't get me wrong you can snap the occasional cell phone snap ( like the one above)

2. lighting is key!
i try to only snap my pics in natural light, or against a simple solid colored background (this is totally optional! but for my taste this works for me!) remember you can have fun with pops of color though im all for bright colored walls!! 

3. filters//apps.
 my go to is VSCO + its free! hands down the best app! i normally use C1, ACG, & adjust the vibrance to my liking. then once its uploaded to instagram i rarely use the filters provided but if i do my go to is gingham.

 (with gingham)

viola!! its that easy! this is just how i edit my pics there are tons of different apps out there but this is what works for me. Instagram is so easy to compare lives of others & peoples best moments is really all that it is. look at is as someone putting a scrapbook together they would want to include their best photos! the ones that capture great memories a picture that literally speaks a thousand words. don't ever beat yourself up about others "filtered" photos. real moments are just as perfect. 


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