Hey your mom called she wants her shorts back.


So the mom shorts have been introduced and are now my favorite thing ever to wear. they suck everything in & are high waisted. I will say it took me a little getting use to but i promise you i will not be going back to regular low rise jeans haha my mom really did have a pair like these she use to wear. I thrifted these Levi's & distressed them myself! I also decided to change my blog around a little bit let me know what you guys think! Oh and shout out to my girl Bekah! for doing a super easy hair tutorial that I can actually do! I tried it out  the half crown braid & i think it will be my new go- to hairstyle! & whoop its friday!!


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  1. I seriously love the whole high waisted trend right now! Especially when I still have a little post prego tummy to hide ;) Ah thanks for the shoutout girl!! The braid looks SO good on you!!!!! I'm also digging your new layout. I've become pretty addicted to your blog recently so keep it up!! <3

    1. Aw thank you!! love your youtube videos your doing so good with them!:) i give you major props i tried to make videos here and there & Its so hard to keep up with! haha