Cheers To The Weekend

Thursday, June 30, 2016

I know my last post probably left a lot of you confused, but I hope you understand why I made my account private, you can still follow me ;) I might re open it back up im just giving it time to think about things ya know? Anyways onward to the early weekend. anyone have anything fun planned for the fourth? my little brother turns 21! & we are taking Ava to see the fireworks for the first time! which im super excited about! Its just going to that much more fun this year since last year at this time she was only a few months old, now she's walking (omg!) & talking she literally told Dada "happy birthday" clear as day haha! she's so smart. Cheers to the weekend! 


Social Media

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ive been having mixed emotions on sharing a lot with my baby and posting photos of her. Hailey Devine's post literally scared me so bad i didn't want to post anything for the longest time! The world is a scary place But why let those dis hearted people win. It took me some time to get comfortable to post photos & I'm still not there, after all I want to protect my baby as all us Mamas do. 

I also want to share moments that make me so happy my heart dances the other day I  posted this pic on instgram of my baby walking! she is actually running now but im so proud of her and I can not believe it! she has been walking with our hands for the last month or so and slowly gained her confidence & she now does the monkey walk with her little arms up in the air. it's.the.cutest.thing.everrrr. 

so excuse me while I post my proud mama moment. & a little rant about what I want to share & a reminder to myself why I started this blog. I want to look back on this one day cause im horrible at printing out my pics! I know! ok. I know! I posted everything from when we found out we were pregnant & wayyy before that! also posted all of my bump dates that I casually looked back on today missing my bump & having major baby fever! To the time Ava was born & forward. I don't want to lose why I created this blog but I also want to keep precious moments to my self sometimes ya know? I also love sharing things with you guys too & I love reading other mama blogs!


Monday, June 27, 2016

romper & shoes thrifted!

 Im not sure about you but i feel like im not the only one when it comes to mondays i had no idea what to write about this morning and this just came to mind. I'm feeling like a bus hit me & im wayyyyy to tired haha I should be napping right now but I have about a billion things to do on my to do list. thats another thing I make lists left and right! Its so satisfying crossing things off here and there. anyways. I thrifted this romper! it had shoulder pads & I just cut them out. I thought about starting a new segment on my blog since I'm always at the thrift store ha ha! The One we live by is actually really nice & they get a ton of target stuff in. I got this blanket last year and its still on the shelves at the store & I scored it for 10 bucks! I also got this purse that im obsessed with for $4! I could do a post on what I get? Im actually going this week! If thats something you would be interested in seeing, just let me know :)


Hey your mom called she wants her shorts back.

Friday, June 24, 2016

So the mom shorts have been introduced and are now my favorite thing ever to wear. they suck everything in & are high waisted. I will say it took me a little getting use to but i promise you i will not be going back to regular low rise jeans haha my mom really did have a pair like these she use to wear. I thrifted these Levi's & distressed them myself! I also decided to change my blog around a little bit let me know what you guys think! Oh and shout out to my girl Bekah! for doing a super easy hair tutorial that I can actually do! I tried it out  the half crown braid & i think it will be my new go- to hairstyle! & whoop its friday!!


this post is brought to you from my moms bathroom..

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ive been meaning to take pictures of my moms bathroom for sometime, but i just wanted to show you guys her style! I love how she decorates. she loves all things vintage or antique but she always finds a way to make them look modern. i always joke with her and tell her she could be the next Jojo from fixer upper haha. Is it weird her nick name is Jojo? haha anyways all the indian prints are actually drawings that my grandpa did! She picked a robin egg blue along with pops of black to contrast the color! Trust me when say im so not good at decorating and seeing what other people see. vision wise lol im blind. 

tribal + high waisted Levi's ( cause i don't know what else to tittle this)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

^ yes i realize one short is higher then the other i forgot to roll the other one^

this is something that is so out of my comfort zone that i normally would nevvver wear but I've had these pieces in my closet for  a little over 2 years & i couldn't wear the high waisted levis when i was pregnant so i figured why not? I actually DIY'd them & found them at the thrift store a loooong time ago! this crop top is so comfortable & light weight & i love the tribal print. I threw on some chunky wedges too, which gave it a more feminine bohemian feel. Also once again with the clip in bangs shhh also worn here I love how simple they are but they change my complete hairstyle which im so not loving right now.. its at that funky stage of long but short. im sure you've heard me talk about it a billion times just keeping it real ha. & how is it only wednesday! I woke up thinking it was thursday all day but it definitely feels like a monday.

how i edit my instagram photos

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

1. high quality images.
i would say this is key to me. you want to create content that is clear & simple. 99% of my photos are shot with my DSLR then uploaded to my email & downloaded to my phone. i know this sounds like such a hassle but trust me it makes a world of difference! don't get me wrong you can snap the occasional cell phone snap ( like the one above)

2. lighting is key!
i try to only snap my pics in natural light, or against a simple solid colored background (this is totally optional! but for my taste this works for me!) remember you can have fun with pops of color though im all for bright colored walls!! 

3. filters//apps.
 my go to is VSCO + its free! hands down the best app! i normally use C1, ACG, & adjust the vibrance to my liking. then once its uploaded to instagram i rarely use the filters provided but if i do my go to is gingham.

 (with gingham)

viola!! its that easy! this is just how i edit my pics there are tons of different apps out there but this is what works for me. Instagram is so easy to compare lives of others & peoples best moments is really all that it is. look at is as someone putting a scrapbook together they would want to include their best photos! the ones that capture great memories a picture that literally speaks a thousand words. don't ever beat yourself up about others "filtered" photos. real moments are just as perfect. 


my go to hair style!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

so this has been my go to hair style lately! its so easy. its a simple braid tucked back into a messy
bun. I just youtubed it fun fact is that about a week ago i had no idea how to frecnch braid or dutch braid. let alone do it on my own hair! so i have been on a youtube braiding binge & my hair is at such an awkward length right now its between short but long if that makes sense.. & its driving me nuts. i have these baby hairs in the front of my face that are so annoying & they stick out so i have to literally hair spray them about 8348848 times in order for them to stay. plus with the heat wave that we have had the past week i have been all about them braids. 


I got bangs but they are not what you think!

Monday, June 6, 2016

^ that face^

i know back at it again with this tee. hahah i cant help it. its. so.comfy. alright why so many periods all of a sudden, anyways im baaack to blogging this week i decided to take a mini break & come back with something a little different. or should i say something different? i posted on instagram over the weekend that i might have cut my hair & got bangs! & i totally didn't! they are fake ones. you cant tell right?! well at least i hope not haha. a little back story when i was in high school like freshman year suppppper youngggg i use to have bangs "side swept" to be exact ha & let me tell you i never once thought about going back until the beautiful barefoot blonde cut hers & totally made me want to cut mine but im too afraid to make the commitment so ill just pop these babes on when im feeling super saucy! 

& i thought i would throw in some real life photos, fresh changed bum, dirty diaper behind me. & a baby girl who wanted to snuggle. #reallifemomlife

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