DIY Tassel garland with Yarn

Monday, May 2, 2016

Avas first birthday is just a week away. & i have been getting things together slowly but surely! I found a ton of DIY projects from pinterest and have decided to do most of them myself. when i came across this tassel garland with yarn i thought it was so much more fun then the traditional ones here & here. It also gives it a fun bohemian feel. which I love. the colors we are going with is pinks, whites, & pops of gold & we are going with a subtle twinkle twinkle little star theme. inspo here. Im so surprised at how this turned out! I know the pics below are kind of confusing but believe me its super easy!

things you need is a piece of cardboard ( i cut one from one of Ava's diaper boxes :P) something that looks similar will do just fine. Also you want to make sure it has a bent piece in it so its easier to tie your string through. you will also need some yarn & scissors. I found this yarn at the thrift store brand new! score! 
 ok on with it.

1.grab your cardboard and your string in one hand leaving the rest of it attached do not cut anything yet this will make it super easy to wrap.

2. begin wrapping your yarn several times around your cardboard length wise. 
*i wrapped mine about 40 times you can do more or less depending on how thick you want your tassels.* trim off your yarn from the ball of yarn & trim off a small piece about 5 inches. and attach that to the middle of your yarn tie it tight!! & double knot it.

5. this is the fun part! slide your yarn off the cardboard and hold the to leaving some room this is going to be the ball part to your tassel.

6. trim another piece of yarn & tie tightly fluff as necessary and trim your ends so they aren't connected!

I hope that you found this somewhat helpful & if you do create this I would Love to see pictures tag @chealseywaltonblog on instagram ;)) 



  1. Replies
    1. thank you!! so glad you liked it :)


  2. This is a really cute and easy diy! I love how you an choose the colours to match your room and add any other bits and pieces on if you want!
    Aleeha xXx


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