real quick

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

i just found an overload of pics from when we use to live out in arizona & i could eat In N' Out like everydayyyy. so i thought id share some pics real quick cause in all honesty i just relaxed this weekend & didn't have any blog posts lined up ;)


my little bird

Thursday, May 19, 2016

a few things. one. this tee is probablythemostcomfiestthingiown. I will probably be living in it for a while. you can find it here. two. the fact that im celebrating the weekend early really makes me excited im not going to make any promises but ill be back again on monday ;) ohh & incase you haven't noticed already i kind of overloaded on todays pics #sorrynotosorry haha you can find me here and here for more recent updates kicking off the weekend right with my little bird (Ava's tee)


First birthday details!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

^ print hobby lobby^ 
^DIY cupcake toppers^

^we had a popcorn bar!^

^drinks, fresh lemonade,coffee water & pop ^  or soda haha

& of course the birthday girl! outfit here

get ready cause this is a long one. ;) 

over the weekend we had Avas first birthday party! I have been so stressed out planning this for around two months now. getting things here and there and ideas popping into my head & tons of inspiration from pinterest! i decided to stick with a theme & thats honestly what made the last few weeks planning such a breeze. If you know me im a pinterest addict. no seriously ha ha i could sit on there all day and pin so most of my ideas came from there but also a lot were heart felt with special touches. 

Ava loves the song twinkle twinkle little star & i would sing it to her all of the time when she was fussy or supper tired and it did the trick every time ;) so we decided to mix in some twinkle twinkle little star pieces here and there. I wanted a pink/ gold theme so we stuck with it & went from there. for food we wanted to keep it reaaallly simple the last thing i wanted to do is run around making sure all the food was kept warm/ ready/ to be served & after decorating & chasing my now one year old around it just wasnt what i wanted to do on her party i wanted to focus on her! 

we ordered pizza, hubby baked all of the cupcakes and i decorated them
( we did chocolate & vanilla with strawberry fluff frosting & vanilla cream cheese frosting with sprinkles. in case you were wondering. #allstoreboughtmommaintgottimetomakeitfromscratch ;)

& I also did the same thing for Ava's cake until moments after i frosted it & piped it using a star tip for all the cupcakes & cake & used this idea for reference. it fell apart slightly. haha my luck!

I love that we did a popcorn bar! I got a popcorn maker for christmas one year and i love it! so we had that on hand we just added some simple toppings and i found the cutest popcorn bags at the dollar store! they also acted as favors since there were mostly adults.

again kept things simple with bottled water, fresh lemonade, & coffee. we also had pop/soda


DIY tassel garland here (forgot to snap a pic! but i strung it along the stair case & hung pictures from it.

burlap banner ( had) also used small close pins to add her monthly pics

Flower A- DIY (also had, made it for her nursery!) see nursery post here

Flower Puffs- we hung in each corner to give everything a nice balance these were already in her room & they are from hobby lobby

Ava is One- lettering I thrifted! brand new from target!!

cupcake toppers- gold star stickers found in the scrapbook isle walmart! I hot glued them to toothpicks! i love how they turned out! see this for inspo!

we also used paper doilies to display the cupcakes with shabby chic plates



Tuesday, May 10, 2016

  I can not believe that I am typing this post right now. I mean I can but I've anticipated this day for the last month. your birthday was one of the greatest days of my life. one of my biggest accomplishments was the day you were born. every tear, every pain, every contraction i felt was so worth it. we had an emergency c-section at 9:26 on May 10th (mothers day) you arrived gracefully & peacefully. & then i heard your cry...I cried. happy tears & all at the same time when you were placed on my chest, where i could have stayed forever. You were mine & I was so in love with you even before i knew you i was in love with you. watching you grow over the year has been nothing short of amazing. the way you learn, they  way you laugh & smile with all of those teeth (8) to be exact.. I get lost in your blue eyes, & your innocence. I want nothing but the best for you & for your first birthday I hope you have just that. even though you might not remember this. ;) You are everything to me & more. I love you happy birthday my sweet girl
 love mommy & daddy.

cake smash photos to come soon! 

back at it again

Thursday, May 5, 2016

with this skirt! haha its so comfortable! as seen here. on another note this weekend is in full swing of birthday prepping ( this last month has been mostly) getting everything ready for next weekend and i couldn't be more excited yet sad at the same time. I know i will probably say i cant believe she is going to be one every time until it actually sinks in, but in all honestly i cant! she seems so big yet little..she may outgrow my lap but she will never outgrow my heart. I love you bug. 

just wanted to mention in advance that i will be taking a mini break and will be back monday ;) follow me on instagram to see pics & more recent updates @chealseywaltonblog


DIY Tassel garland with Yarn

Monday, May 2, 2016

Avas first birthday is just a week away. & i have been getting things together slowly but surely! I found a ton of DIY projects from pinterest and have decided to do most of them myself. when i came across this tassel garland with yarn i thought it was so much more fun then the traditional ones here & here. It also gives it a fun bohemian feel. which I love. the colors we are going with is pinks, whites, & pops of gold & we are going with a subtle twinkle twinkle little star theme. inspo here. Im so surprised at how this turned out! I know the pics below are kind of confusing but believe me its super easy!

things you need is a piece of cardboard ( i cut one from one of Ava's diaper boxes :P) something that looks similar will do just fine. Also you want to make sure it has a bent piece in it so its easier to tie your string through. you will also need some yarn & scissors. I found this yarn at the thrift store brand new! score! 
 ok on with it.

1.grab your cardboard and your string in one hand leaving the rest of it attached do not cut anything yet this will make it super easy to wrap.

2. begin wrapping your yarn several times around your cardboard length wise. 
*i wrapped mine about 40 times you can do more or less depending on how thick you want your tassels.* trim off your yarn from the ball of yarn & trim off a small piece about 5 inches. and attach that to the middle of your yarn tie it tight!! & double knot it.

5. this is the fun part! slide your yarn off the cardboard and hold the to leaving some room this is going to be the ball part to your tassel.

6. trim another piece of yarn & tie tightly fluff as necessary and trim your ends so they aren't connected!

I hope that you found this somewhat helpful & if you do create this I would Love to see pictures tag @chealseywaltonblog on instagram ;)) 


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