not so tiny anymore

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

oh boy. tug at my heart. momma is over here in tears. i found a ton of pics from when ava was just  a few days old. how is it that this was almost a year ago! where has the time seriously gone. & she will soon be one! my sweet girl isn't so small anymore she is such a big girl these days feeding her self, crawling! getting into everything pulling up on everything to stand. she says momma, dada,papa,buba,nana,num num. she's quite chatty & i love it. oh those days though of endless snuggles late night diaper changes every couple hours breastfeeding struggles. we are still breastfeeding & we are slowly weaning. but thats a whole other story. for now ill just keep it super sweet and short with a few of my favorite pictures. to say we are coming up on a year has truly been a blessing getting to know my sweet girl! we did it!


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