Friday, April 1, 2016

so happy its finally friday! this week has drug on for me & i finally feel like i can catch a break. i was able to even paint my nails and toes and for all you mommas out there with busy little babes know how rare that can be ;)) i threw this outfit together since the weather was starting to warm up a little bit and I've been loving these jeans i found them at the thrift store! & they are a little baggier then i would like but they are so cute and the flare really gives it that bohemian feel that i love! also im currently on a binge watching fixer upper and Jojo has the best style she's so cute probably hands down one of my favorite shows which brings me to the topic of really wanting a house! so I've been looking just for fun, hopefully within the next year or two we can get settled somewhere and we can maybe even hire chip & Jojo hahah. in the meantime ill just dream ;)) 



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