11 month update + the butterfly house!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

A couple weeks back we took Ava to see the butterflies in bloom. She loved it! i thought she was going to be scared at first but she was super excited seeing them fly around.these last few months have flew & time is just speeding up and here we are at 11 months just shy of your first birthday and momma is a mess. hah in a good way. (if there is a good way to be upset that your baby is going to be one ;))

 I find myself going back looking through old photos of when you were first born and missing the newborn smell, the skin to skin, &  those precious but tender moments of waking up every so often to snuggle, nurse,change your diaper & repeat ;) I love being your mommy & Im so proud of you and how big you have gotten you are so smart and you learn things so quickly. my favorite is when i smile at you you cheese back with the cutest face & show all your teeth. you have 8 to be exact and you are a teething champion!  When daddy says Ava go night night you tilt your head to the side. you wave bye bye and hi. you say woof woof in the silliest way. you blow kisses now and melt my heart! you also give kisses if your feeling super nice and those are my absolute favorite. you are now i n a big girl car seat! & you love it! you love your yogurt still & how could i forget YOU ARE CRAWLING all over the place and getting into everything!! you are on the move and you crawl super fast. you also want to walk but need momma or daddas hands to help you along the way. you also dace to any song that comes on especially shake it off by taylor swift ;) we love you baby! 


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