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Monday, April 25, 2016

^ tired babe^

outfit// romper// fringe booties//similar
Ava's outfit// jean romper//  similar //fringe purse// thrifted!

alright so for all of you who attended coachella Im forever jealous! Its been one of my many dreams to go go there & experience every thing! buuuut since im michigan bound I  found this gorgeous romper that has a boho feel. It's the Kendall and Kylie collection at pac sun and every time i wear it i get so many lovely complements! They had a sale going on if you bought one full price item you get 2 things for free! score! so i was all about that!  & its super comfy and it make you feel put together ;)) I paired it with these cute fringe booties but you could also wear flats. Avas outfit is my favorite! little jean rompers look the cutest on her or anything looks cute on her for that matter ;) her purse i scored at the thrift store! 


11 month update + the butterfly house!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

A couple weeks back we took Ava to see the butterflies in bloom. She loved it! i thought she was going to be scared at first but she was super excited seeing them fly around.these last few months have flew & time is just speeding up and here we are at 11 months just shy of your first birthday and momma is a mess. hah in a good way. (if there is a good way to be upset that your baby is going to be one ;))

 I find myself going back looking through old photos of when you were first born and missing the newborn smell, the skin to skin, &  those precious but tender moments of waking up every so often to snuggle, nurse,change your diaper & repeat ;) I love being your mommy & Im so proud of you and how big you have gotten you are so smart and you learn things so quickly. my favorite is when i smile at you you cheese back with the cutest face & show all your teeth. you have 8 to be exact and you are a teething champion!  When daddy says Ava go night night you tilt your head to the side. you wave bye bye and hi. you say woof woof in the silliest way. you blow kisses now and melt my heart! you also give kisses if your feeling super nice and those are my absolute favorite. you are now i n a big girl car seat! & you love it! you love your yogurt still & how could i forget YOU ARE CRAWLING all over the place and getting into everything!! you are on the move and you crawl super fast. you also want to walk but need momma or daddas hands to help you along the way. you also dace to any song that comes on especially shake it off by taylor swift ;) we love you baby! 


most worn outfit take one

Monday, April 18, 2016

 ^that face! ^

tank//skirt// pacsun//similar//shoes//target
Ava's outfit// dress// headband: handmade

 its finally feeling like summer weather.. wait is it summer yet? haha maybe were still in spring. either way! no more snow for now! haha so since the weather is getting warmer and warmer I find myself gravitating towards light tank tops and skirts/ summer dresses/ rompers anything thats easy and light weight for those hot days. I recently picked up this skirt & I love it! I have a feeling this will be one of my most worn pieces of clothing this summer plus you can wear it with just about anything and dress it up or down! & now being a mom I find that finding an outfit is the most stressful! between getting it dirty from my little food fingered babe too trying to breastfeed in a difficult top with zippers. Im all about easy and comfy.  & if you know me you know i love fooood so this tank speaks my language ;))


Weekend vibes + birthday stress!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

heyyyyy! quick post from over the weekend. we took Ava to go see the butterflies & she loved it! we explored around a little bit & I've been really missing blogging.  i know its been a few days and I've been all over the place but bare with me as i plan Ava's first birthday! things are in full swing and i even got super crafty and made this so if you would like to see a blog post on how i did it & what I am planning so far let me know ;)) Slowly everything is coming together! & its crazy to think that she will soon be 1! where did my baby go!  SO if you are still reading this your the best! 


Saturday, April 9, 2016

im always playing around with my header on my blog & its super simple & easy to do. my go to site for pretty fonts is and the best part is that its free! so i included some of my faves above just make sure you click download font so its added to your fonts on your computer ;))

also sorry I've been sorta mia Ive been super busy! getting things ready for Ava's first birthday..boy. stressful but so fun. & so bittersweet at the same time. where did my little baby go? (insert me crying every few minutes here) haha i totally do too. we did a cake smash today ;)) for her invites to send out this month! pics will be up after they go out!


not so tiny anymore

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

oh boy. tug at my heart. momma is over here in tears. i found a ton of pics from when ava was just  a few days old. how is it that this was almost a year ago! where has the time seriously gone. & she will soon be one! my sweet girl isn't so small anymore she is such a big girl these days feeding her self, crawling! getting into everything pulling up on everything to stand. she says momma, dada,papa,buba,nana,num num. she's quite chatty & i love it. oh those days though of endless snuggles late night diaper changes every couple hours breastfeeding struggles. we are still breastfeeding & we are slowly weaning. but thats a whole other story. for now ill just keep it super sweet and short with a few of my favorite pictures. to say we are coming up on a year has truly been a blessing getting to know my sweet girl! we did it!



Friday, April 1, 2016

so happy its finally friday! this week has drug on for me & i finally feel like i can catch a break. i was able to even paint my nails and toes and for all you mommas out there with busy little babes know how rare that can be ;)) i threw this outfit together since the weather was starting to warm up a little bit and I've been loving these jeans i found them at the thrift store! & they are a little baggier then i would like but they are so cute and the flare really gives it that bohemian feel that i love! also im currently on a binge watching fixer upper and Jojo has the best style she's so cute probably hands down one of my favorite shows which brings me to the topic of really wanting a house! so I've been looking just for fun, hopefully within the next year or two we can get settled somewhere and we can maybe even hire chip & Jojo hahah. in the meantime ill just dream ;)) 


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