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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

similar bedding// we are living our adventure similar print// flowers (my wedding bouquet xo) // similar lamp// coming soon frame// mannequin thrifted// skull //similar

so i forgot to take a before pics of how our bedroom looked. it was honestly hideous we had the bed pushed so far up against the wall since we put Avas crib in our room. i know! don't judge me haha she still sleeps with us which we all honestly get the best sleep that way so i am slowly starting to get her back into her crib. she was doing so well. when she was newborn till around 4 months she has always slept in her crib/bassinet. and then honestly something super freaky happened someone tried to break into our home. & from then on i have had some paranoia.. so I like her snuggled up next to me.

 since her crib is in our room we have a very limited space and we have to be careful on how to rearrange. we ended up putting our bed in the center of the room where it looks best. & i just swapped our old duvet here for a simple clean look & went with this white comforter. its no where near being completely done but i thought id share some pics of what i have so far, since I have been on this spring cleaning spree.


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