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Thursday, March 3, 2016

im so boring when it comes to my wardrobe thats i why i hardly ever shared my "style" but i think im slowly getting more comfortable with it now. i would not call my self a "fashionista" by any means but this is just my personal style/ what i feel comfortable in ,so when i do want to spice it up i tend to do it slowly. this flannel has literally sat in the back on my closet for months i bought it a last year and just never wore it. i have so many clothes that i forget about because i am a stay at home mom & my wardrobe is pretty basic ya know sweats ,tee, cozy socks. & if we are running errands i just throw on a tee shirt and some old jeans and im out the door haha so i guess thats why i kind of shy away from "fashion" posts on my blog if you want to see more of these posts let me know ;))

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