10 month update

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

can time slow down. you are now ten months old and you seem like you're getting bigger and bigger by the day. you now says momma, papa,dada. waves hi & bye bye. gives kisses this is new its more like she opens her whole mouth on your cheek but ill take it! she smiles when i say "cheese" she crawled!! she did a few little movements and then she's back on her belly. so not crawling everywhere just yet ;). she prefers standing over sitting and walks around her pack and play holding on to the sides. and walks around the coffee table slowly. she also walks really well when she's holding our hands so i think she will definitely be walking by her first birthday! you now have 7 teeth! & have mastered teething like a champ! your favorite foods are yogurt,pizza, & macaroni noodles! your first birthday is in planning progress! & momma has been all kinds of emotional over here! i keep replaying the song "never grow up" by taylor swift in my head and crying like a baby. you'll always be my baby, momma loves you.


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