easter dress

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

outfit// dress (old) similar// jacket // fringe bag thrifted! (similar)// 

guys! can we just take a sec to admire that bag I got for 4 bucks at the local thrift store! it was something i just couldn't pass up haha. this is what i actually ended up wearing for easter except i had a light weight sweater on when went to my parents so i didn't have to wear this jacket the whole time ;)) this dress has been collecting dust in my closet waiting for the right time to get it out and the weather was perfect on sunday! I wore my hunter boots because the ground is still a little wet from all of the snow finally melting!  hope you all had a good easter weekend!


momma + willow

Monday, March 28, 2016

 ah! i just die a little inside from all the cuteness! I seriously have baby fever every time im with my dear friend! we've been good friends since high school and it felt so good catching up with her & seeing her become a momma! she is so beautiful inside and out & i was lucky enough to capture these precious moments between mother & daughter. So happy with how they turned out and the lighting was so pretty! i just couldn't help but share a few of my favorites and anyone who wants to see a sweet teeny baby to make your monday a little brighter, your welcome ;)) 


bridge walking + chit chat

Friday, March 25, 2016

if you follow me on instagram i posted this picture a few days ago, when the weather was nice before we got snow! now its all melting and basically a nasty muddy mess but im not complaining to much over here since I've been getting some good use out of my hunters ;)) but seriously can we just talk about how excited I am for warmer weather I've been pinning cute little rompers like crazy! & yes again with my hair dilemma i think im having a change of heart and i think i want to go back in to get it cut im thinking something like this. so far I've been loving having short hair since my hair has been long forever. but some days i do miss it. oh yeah and happy friday! enjoy the weekend! & if your somewhere sunny soak that up for me ;)


10 month update

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

can time slow down. you are now ten months old and you seem like you're getting bigger and bigger by the day. you now says momma, papa,dada. waves hi & bye bye. gives kisses this is new its more like she opens her whole mouth on your cheek but ill take it! she smiles when i say "cheese" she crawled!! she did a few little movements and then she's back on her belly. so not crawling everywhere just yet ;). she prefers standing over sitting and walks around her pack and play holding on to the sides. and walks around the coffee table slowly. she also walks really well when she's holding our hands so i think she will definitely be walking by her first birthday! you now have 7 teeth! & have mastered teething like a champ! your favorite foods are yogurt,pizza, & macaroni noodles! your first birthday is in planning progress! & momma has been all kinds of emotional over here! i keep replaying the song "never grow up" by taylor swift in my head and crying like a baby. you'll always be my baby, momma loves you.


girly + my mini

Monday, March 21, 2016

my outfit//cardigan//similar//pom tank old// similar//jeans//booties//sunnies// Ava's outfit// jeans// striped shirt// cardigan //similar//shoes//headband DIY//

I completely forgot about these pics we took downtown a couple weekends ago when we thought the weather was going to finally warm up! & when did my baby get so big!? she completely skipped crawling and she now wants to walk and pull up on things and she walks reallllly fast when she's holding on to your hands. (not walking on her own just yet ;)she is ten months old and i am currently planning her birthday party! stay tuned for some diy posts and some things here and there. on that this month is going to be super busy for me (april) since march is almost over these months seem to be flying by! im super excited to do Avas cake smash photos, dying to see what she's going to do haha.


master bedroom decor + details

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

similar bedding// we are living our adventure similar print// flowers (my wedding bouquet xo) // similar lamp// coming soon frame// mannequin thrifted// skull //similar

so i forgot to take a before pics of how our bedroom looked. it was honestly hideous we had the bed pushed so far up against the wall since we put Avas crib in our room. i know! don't judge me haha she still sleeps with us which we all honestly get the best sleep that way so i am slowly starting to get her back into her crib. she was doing so well. when she was newborn till around 4 months she has always slept in her crib/bassinet. and then honestly something super freaky happened someone tried to break into our home. & from then on i have had some paranoia.. so I like her snuggled up next to me.

 since her crib is in our room we have a very limited space and we have to be careful on how to rearrange. we ended up putting our bed in the center of the room where it looks best. & i just swapped our old duvet here for a simple clean look & went with this white comforter. its no where near being completely done but i thought id share some pics of what i have so far, since I have been on this spring cleaning spree.


edgy chic + hair dilema

Monday, March 14, 2016

//leather jacket// similar// lace crop//
//skirt//similar shoes//ring (old) similar

ahhh monday. always wish the weekend was a little bit longer. hope you all had a good weekend! we enjoyed the warm weather while it lasted and yesterday was more of a relaxed lay back kind of day. grey skies and some light rain my kind of weather honestly. perfect for lazy sundays ;)). also wanted to mention I'm in such a funk with my hair. Its at that weird long/short phase and it desperately needs a trim, but then i sit on pinterest and see all of this amazing long luscious hair aaannndd it makes me never want to cut mine again! haha but i will say short hair for me has been wayyy easier. decisions decisions.

ps. head over to these are the days, because im talking about some personal stuff


little bro

Saturday, March 12, 2016

hope you are all having a good weekend! thought I would include some more pics that i posted from instagram from when my little brother was here last weekend! yes i said little haha he's such a grown up now! big beard, & he rides a motorcycle!! cheers to you #littlebigbro 

p.s.don't worry he wore his helmet ;))


Sunday, March 6, 2016

photo credit:fatherinlaw Sedona,AZ

i cant tell you all how much i miss the arizona sun! (or just the sun for that matter) im sure if your following me on instagram you probably already know this ;)) its true the winter months are draaaagging and it feels like spring will never come! too dramatic? ha ha. anyways this weekend we couldn't really do much because it snowed so we stayed in..& I have been wanting to spring clean BIG time & go through evverrryyything so im thinking of posting little bits here and there as i clean things out and re decorate my room & living room! & possible a video! let me know if thats something you would like to see


cool tones

Thursday, March 3, 2016

im so boring when it comes to my wardrobe thats i why i hardly ever shared my "style" but i think im slowly getting more comfortable with it now. i would not call my self a "fashionista" by any means but this is just my personal style/ what i feel comfortable in ,so when i do want to spice it up i tend to do it slowly. this flannel has literally sat in the back on my closet for months i bought it a last year and just never wore it. i have so many clothes that i forget about because i am a stay at home mom & my wardrobe is pretty basic ya know sweats ,tee, cozy socks. & if we are running errands i just throw on a tee shirt and some old jeans and im out the door haha so i guess thats why i kind of shy away from "fashion" posts on my blog if you want to see more of these posts let me know ;))

bag// old

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