9 month update

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

seriously theses months seem like they are flying i swear i just took her 8 month pics!you can check out her last update here. baby girl is ham lately and im loving her personality! she is hilarious and girlfriend definitely knows what she wants. miss independent over here feeding her self and what not. ha ha she loves bath time but she is sadly outgrowing her little tub so its almost time for the big tub, she dislikes getting dressed and getting her diaper changed unless she has something in her hands to keep her distracted ;) and she is a wiggle worm so half the time we have to change her on her belly. she wants to crawl so bad she is so close! she puts her hands down and gets up on her knees and rocks and then bam, belly back on the floor.she is waving hi and bye and waving to herself in the mirror. she has 2 front teeth now along with two bottom teeth and now when she smiles its the funniest/cutest thing ever and i cant help but laugh.

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