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Monday, February 29, 2016

hope you all had a good weekend! we currently have a teething baby who wants her momma extra much, i feel like she cuts teeth so much! she has 6 teeth right now! & she is almost ten months old it seems like a lot to me. & since she is teething she also wants to nurse a lot more and i fear for my life now that she has so many teeth haha I've been bit twice, oye!

i guess you could call this my mom uniform? lol im always in leggings but today i spiced it up and wore some jeans! ;) and since its still winter, I've been living in this coat i got it at american eagle when we lived in arizona for 20 bucks! i love layering during the colder months so adding a scarf and beanie to any outfit automatically makes it a little bit more cozy. & hunter rain boots speak for themselves ;)

sunnies// firmoo

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currently in a blizzard

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

if you follow me on instagram you seen that i posted this photo and stated that we are currently in a blizzard.. about to get 12 inches of snow more or less. i thought spring was finally on its way since my last post it was somewhat warm and the snow had finally melted so lets take a moment to say winter is back and reminisce on the good ol tank top days and floppy hats ;)) 



Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I wanted to do something a little bit different, so i filmed this over the weekend and i thought it would be fun to do a get ready with me video, im still getting use to this whole youtube editing thing haha so in the mean time i thought i was recording how i applied my lipstick and my camera totally died, so sorry i don't have any footage of that, i also added some winged liner and a side braid ;) 



Sunday, February 14, 2016

happy valentines day to all of you! I posted the first photo a few days ago on instagram of my entry way area, if you want to see how i decorate it let me know i will do a post on that, its really nothing fancy. we are relaxing on this sunday sipping some hot chocolate & relaxing since its 5 degrees outside you can find me here wishing for some sunshine and pool right about now ;) 


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What's In my diaper bag + VIDEO + GIVEAWAY

Thursday, February 11, 2016

diaper bag//skiphop -limited edition-french stripe

hey guys! here is another video, i love watching these types of videos and its always so interesting to see what other mommas have in their diaper bags haha hope im not the only one! 99% of the time this is exactly what is in my bag i hardly ever clean it out or re organize it unless we are going out for a little while! hope you liked this video & there is a major blooper at the end haha so make sure you watch what happens.

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9 month update

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

seriously theses months seem like they are flying i swear i just took her 8 month pics!you can check out her last update here. baby girl is ham lately and im loving her personality! she is hilarious and girlfriend definitely knows what she wants. miss independent over here feeding her self and what not. ha ha she loves bath time but she is sadly outgrowing her little tub so its almost time for the big tub, she dislikes getting dressed and getting her diaper changed unless she has something in her hands to keep her distracted ;) and she is a wiggle worm so half the time we have to change her on her belly. she wants to crawl so bad she is so close! she puts her hands down and gets up on her knees and rocks and then bam, belly back on the floor.she is waving hi and bye and waving to herself in the mirror. she has 2 front teeth now along with two bottom teeth and now when she smiles its the funniest/cutest thing ever and i cant help but laugh.

over the weekend

Monday, February 8, 2016


this weekend went by to fast. we watched a little bit of the game yesterday and i made some delish buffalo chicken dip! went to target and got peanut some things! also she is teething so this weekend was a little on the rough side I was lucky enough that she wanted extra snuggles from momma. lots of frozen treats for her im going to be sharing some of my must haves for teething in an upcoming post! & possibly video? let me know if you liked the last one here in case you missed it what did you do this weekend


january favorites + video

Thursday, February 4, 2016

here is my monthly favorites for the month of january! + what some of my mommy favorites. I know this post is different from the ones i normally do, hope you liked it & let me know if you want to see more posts like this.


secret project!

ok so i posted last week in this post saying that i was working on a little project! and im so excited to finally let you guys in on it! i started a youtube channel! im so excited to start this journey along with blogging! i wanted to make sure i was fully committed & the time seemed right so why not? I've been wanting to do youtube for a while now, and i started a channel a few years ago and only posted on it twice when i was pregnant since "planned" on doing monthly pregnancy updates :/ little did i know i was sick all the time. haha so im finally ready to start posting starting once a week and go from there! this weekend i should have up my january/mommy favorites! so be on the look out for that

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