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Thursday, January 21, 2016

im no expert with short hair since my hair has been long for so long, until a few months back and i chopped it all you know brand new baby,  hair  falling out all over the place ,permanent messy bun on top of my head postpartum hair loss is real my friends! so since having short hair and maybe 10 minutes tops to get ready with an 8 month old who is always pulling at my hair ;) i wanted to share a few of my go-to super easy hairstyles :) (before and after of my hair here)

1.half bun

i loved having my messy bun, but since my hair is still super short i loved this half up look & it still looks put together the pictures are pretty easy to follow, i just take half my hair twist it around use a clear elastic loop some hair through pull like your going to do a pony tail but don't pull through all the way. fluff the bun to your liking ;)

2. the leia

this is a new style for me but its super cute if you want your hair up and out of your face star with a simple part down the middle, and take one section pull hair through like (the half bun above) but use the whole section of hair fluff bun to your liking. ( also looks cute snug and not fluffed) here

3.half braid

this is probably my go to for everything, grab a section of hair from the front start a simple braid or you can do a fishtail if your feeling real fancy ;) there are tons of tutorials on youtube. i added another to the other side, and secured them both in the back with an elastic.


  1. these are fabulous ideas! they all look so cute on you too! Hope you have a great day, loves!

  2. love all the cute hair look tips.

  3. Love these! Will give number 3 a try at work on monday :) Had to chop of my hair for the same reasons as you! And I gave birth almost 4 years ago!! Still waiting for the hair to get back to normal.

    1. aw! thank you! i know my hair is still so crazy!! ha



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