8 month update

Monday, January 18, 2016

eight months?! i cant believe she will be a year soon and i can not wait to plan for her first birthday i have so much in mind im so excited for her to smash her cake ;)) but can i seriously just shrink her forever and keep her this small?! she is slowly starting to refuse my snuggles.. its going to break my heart when she wants nothing to do with my snuggles anymore. & can we just take a sec to admire her silliness in this photo ha ha she is so funny and i swear if i had to choose one photo to represent her this is it. what. a. ham.

she is currently lunging her self towards things she loves tummy time and being on her tummy if she is on her back she quickly rolls. she is also pushing up and rocking on her knees here and there. no crawling yet but i have a feeling it will be soon ;) pulling her self up on her knees in her crib,her new thing this month has been scrunching her nose and snorting at me haha it cracks me up and i cant help but laugh even when she is getting frustrated or upset its so cute. we are still working on a night time routine since she likes to be awake when we are ;)) she loves music, twinkle twinkle little star is her favorite!



  1. Your daughter is ADORABLE <3

  2. Such a beautiful girl you have. Just found your blog, and have been reading a little. I so fell in love with your dogs! Look forward to following you :)


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