baby update

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

 *i know i didn't share her 6 month photos so these are from then ;) *

still cant believe she is now 7 months! she loves to play with her feet, scratch things. i mean everything. she is eating lots of food now and her favorite is peaches & sweet potatoes. loves her daddy and is now pulling up on things. said what sounded like dada this month ;) defiantly said momma but now she doesn't :( she laughs at her doggies especially when they get a drink of water. she says nuhuh when she is upset or mad. kicks her feet when she is super excited. puts her paci in her mouth on her own. two bottom teeth. & lots of people ask if we are still breastfeeding and we are! 7 months and going strong. it was not an easy journey but most definitely precious. 


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