Monday, November 9, 2015

^ she was an elephant for halloween^

five months. ah i know im late and we are soon nearing her 1/2 birthday!! where does the time go? i don't even know where to begin with this one! she is seriously the best! she is saying mumma. and if she catches you smiling she smiles back! she loves her jumper & her doggie Penelope especially when she gets to pet her. grabbing everything. rolls from back to belly. she wants to crawl! and she now leans into everything and has started reaching for people :( mostly dada.started solids! thinks its funny when you cough and she now fake coughs which is the cutest. totally obsessed with her dada. exp. his hair. still loves bath time and is now starting to want to sit right up in the bath. loves to suck on washcloths.. grandma bought her this and she has been loving it! i put frozen breast milk cubes in it and its her fave. also no teeth yet. 

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