Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I know i just did an update on Ava's 5 month but i seriously cant believe she is already 6months as of yesterday! these months are just flying by so fast! we have been discovering some new toys the last few months that i wanted to share on what miss thing has been loving lately! as she is over the whole sitting still and cuddle with momma phase :( but we still snuggle anytime she is up for it which is most of the time but not of late. she wants to sit up and grab things and be on the move miss independent over here! 

1. rock n play has been a life saver! this is a must have we loved it she naps in it and i love that its not designated to one are and i can move it around the house she is getting bigger now though and she is outgrowing it so any suggestions on something similar?

2. tethers. pretty sure she started teething this month she has been chewing her fingers & you  can never have to many i will say she gets frustrated with sophie the giraffe because it is sometimes hard to hold so she has been loving the nuby ring. also cold washcloths. still no teeth though

3. Bumbo. we having been using it as her high chair for now but recently upgraded since her chunky thighs were getting stuck ;))

4.books. all any kind especially loving this one!!

5. sleepers. she pretty much lives in these i try to keep her comfy when we are just  home lounging. the ones with the feet i love also ones that have grips on the feet when she is in her jumper on the hard wood so she doesn't slip.'

6. jumper she loves this! all the toys are her fave we have this one.

7. bib we started solids this month mostly purees. and we have been going through cloth bibs like crazy so this one is easy to clean and folds up to take on the go!

7. cozy blankets she loves blankets by her face and the smaller one  here i let her nap still scares me at night for her to have blankets she is in her crib. sleeping in our room and sometimes in our bed guilty. we are still breastfeeding so its easier ;))
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