Monday, September 14, 2015

clothing/ 3-6

blowing bubbles 
tummy  time 
when daddy does the airplane with her 
food, (still breastfeeding)
her baby we got her this one 
sitting up
chewing/sucking her thumb

having bad dreams
when the doggies bark ( she is starting to really notice them)
when mommy sneezes 

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denim dress

Thursday, September 10, 2015


we had a bit of a heat wave these last few days so i have defiantly been wearing the last of my summer dresses and slowly ok fastly if thats even a word, busting out my flannel shirts, scarves,boots, & leggings. this summer seems like it went by fast & it was defiantly the best one yet since having my baby girl, but im so ready for what fall has to offer and taking sweet Ava to the pumpkin farm for the first time. so heres my official so long summer hello fall transition. who else is ready for fall?

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Monday, September 7, 2015

ok. so if im being completely honest with you guys, I have been suffering big time from postpartum hair loss. I mean last month is when it was getting bad to the point where i would brush it and tons would fall out..I would go to pull it back and little strands would come out along with it. it was getting to the point where i felt like i was shedding! so i chopped it off.. thinking that would help. and it did. somewhat but i still loose some here and there. so i wanted to change up my hair routine and was on the look out for a new shampoo and conditioner,so when mapleholistics contacted me & asked me to try out their products I was thrilled! I love the packaging & the smell it smells so good! & the best part is that it is not tested on animals,sulfate free & all natural cosmetics. So far my hair has felt so much better & it is so shiny! So i have teamed up with Maple holistics & for an awesome giveaway for the argon oil shampoo and conditioner (the ones i use) all you have to do is leave a comment down below ;) 

* you can also win a FREE product by going here*

thank you Maple holistics and for sponsoring this post

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