time for a change.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

ok guys if you are following me on pinterest you may have seen me pin a billion short hair cuts & after a lot of thinking i finally did it annnndd it feels so much better! a little back story i have never in my life had my hair this short! let alone above my collar bone its always been a little past my boob i cant tell you how excited i was to start fresh and get rid of my "old" hair if you know what i mean. i mean just look at that mess haha my husband said it looked like carpet..haha so it had to go. you should have seen his face though when i walked out ;) he was grinning from ear to ear. & with being a new mom its seriously so easy to style & go.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

3 months! i know i will probably say this until it hits me my baby is getting so big and every month it amazes me on how much she is growing and developing and learning. today though is one for the books i haven't heard her laugh yet. sure the little giggles and grunts but not a full on belly laugh and today she did it. i was changing her and i was just smiling at her and saying " hiiii baby!" and i would get close to her face kiss her nose and move back and do it again and that did it. to the point where i called hubs up stairs while i stood there and cried. i mean come on. simply precious. 

bath time
her toys we introduced her to sophie and her elephant  
sitting up! she is holding her head so good
her dogs she is noticing them more when they play she smiles and watches 
when mama reads to her

being cold
having lotion on
being hungry my girl loves her food like her momma ;))
loud sounds, she doesn't cry at them yet but she does get wide eyed 

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