Monday, July 27, 2015

 so lets talk. i have been in a funk about blogging for the last few months since giving birth. you might have seen that i posted my birth story last week,but i did decide to take it down.. i guess i have been going back and forth of what i want to share on this blog & what i want to keep private. ya know? i honestly have come on here almost every day for the past week on deciding what i want to post. & i do miss it but its so easy to get distracted and caught up in the blogger world, & to think your life is no where near as perfect as some bloggers make theirs look. so then i get into this funk of just not even wanting to post. i have a million pictures of my sweet girl but some i just don't want to share on instagram, facebook, blog ext... i guess i just want to keep some things to myself & enjoy the moment instead of worrying about posting it right away for the whole world to see? so yes im going to keep blogging even though i feel like I've lost it some how haha. yes im going to share some things but i also want to keep some things for myself ;) hope that makes since. im sure you mommas out there can relate.

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