Monday, July 6, 2015

my mom has always loved working outside in her garden, she has more patience then i do when it comes to those things she really takes the time to plant every flower, pull every weed, & place rocks where they belong. so when she decided to take on this project i knew it would turn out beautifully. a little back story on this here sanctuary she created as a place to go & simply pray, sit and talk or just watch the birds. its a special place in her heart as her father ( my grandpa) passed away suddenly a couple months ago of  a heart attack  (2 days before baby girl was born) he had left this gazebo for my mom and had planned on getting it over to her within a few days before his passing she created something beautiful out of sorrow.  its simply to perfect not to share. love you momma.

 photo white-square-872x844-3_zpse12fb2ff.jpg

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