Friday, June 26, 2015

hey guys! i wanted to share some of my "new" mommy must haves for those first few weeks & beyond and some things i seriously couldn't live without!

1. nursing bras. i have this one but you seriously can never have to many especially if you plan on breastfeeding for a while its defiantly worth it to invest in a good nursing bra, & some tanks as well

2.  sleep sack.we still use these and i love them, when she was only a few weeks old we did swaddle and she didn't mind being swaddled at all, but i as a new mom worried she would get out of the swaddle and the blanket would end up by her face. she seems to sleep so well when she is in them i have been putting her in a onesie and then zipping her up.

3. aiden and anais swaddle blankets. yes they are worth the hype. trust me i almost didn't buy them since they are a little on the pricey side but they are so worth it! they are also lightweight so they are perfect for the summer.  and you can use them for anything! (tie the ends and use as a nursing cover/burp cloth,blanket) just to name a few.

4. water bottle. is a must for new moms, im still working on my water intake myself but i am going to be purchasing a new one with an insert for fruit to spice things up and make me want to drink it more ;)

5.paci. is optional of course the ones my daughter loves are the curved gummy kind.

6. lanolin i haven't tried the one in the purple tube, but i am loving the medela brand and i will be re purchasing its not sticky & absorbs well.

7. burts bees baby clothing i had no idea they even made baby clothes? i was in marshals before she was born and ended up getting a few outfits and they have been my favorite they are organic and really soft!

8. diaper bag. this is the exact one i have, & i love it so far it has been good to us the only down side is it is a little on the girly side my husband has yet to carry it like i do because in his words "it looks like a purse." haha

9. rock n sleep. we just discovered she loves this through out the day for her naps its easy to move around the house & has calming vibrations.

10. aveeno baby. these products have been my favorite , i did decide on to use johnson and johnson for many reasons. she also has sensitive skin so these have been perfect for her dry skin as well.

11. netflix/youtuybe these have been life savors during the first few weeks even though you might not be watching them ;)

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