Saturday, April 18, 2015

  well guys our bags are all packed & ready to go incase baby girl makes an early arrival! i have so much to update on! but first i thought i would share some things I'm taking with me & this isn't even half of it! i know i over packed by some things i don't really need..but I'm a first time mom & i would rather have some comfort items & things i need then not have them at all.

first off button up pajamas, I'm taking some victorias secret ones that are a few years old & i don't mind getting them ruined!

second- a robe this is essential if you have visitors & just want to cover up. also can be great for walking the floors of the hospital without your backside being exposed to everyone

third- boppy this is going to come in handy to breast feed & also if i have to have a c-section it will be great to have baby be supported.

fourth- going home outfit for mom, i packed some loose fitted pants, a cotton tee & a zip up hoodie i figure I'm still going to have a baby pooch so i want to dress comfy! i also have a maxi dress if I'm feeling real fancy ;)

fifth- I'm still on the hunt for the perfect nursing bra but I'm sure this will come in handy! i plan on being in the hospital gown most of the time. so at home these will be good to have! also not listed is nursing pads just incase you have any sort of leakage!

six- can not forget the camera!!

seven-lanolin cream. need i say more.

eight- car seat & blanket

nine- cozy socks or slippers

ten-chargers/electronics we are taking the lap top & tablet to play music on & keep in touch with everyone since the rooms at the hospital do not get good service. & your own water bottle to stay hydrated!

eleven- toiletries/makeup to freshen up!

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