36 weeks

Monday, April 20, 2015

how far? 35/36 weeks

weight gain? yes & to be honest i have no idea how much! 

maternity clothes? yes,but i have been loving maxi dresses as the weather gets warmer 

best moment of the week?  getting the nursery finished! & finally getting around to doing my belly cast! i wanted to get it done just in case baby decides to come early ;)

sleep? still the same can't sleep, i get up 67000 times to pee, & also have been getting the worse leg cramps ever!

weird pregnancy moment? i was craaaaving onion rings for some reason late last night & my mouth was watering then a few minutes later they didn't sound very good? hahah 

size of baby?  honeydew melon! 4.2-5.8 lbs 17-18 in. long!! 

movement?  yes!! now they have been rolls & I'm actually seeing her little legs/arms glide across my stomach 

stretch marks?  yes found one tiny one above my belly button where my piercing was! 

food cravings?  cookies & milk

anything making you queasy? beef

what am i looking forward to?  meeting our peanut & smothering her with kisses & snuggles :)

belly button in or out? still out!

nursery? is complete check it out here if you haven't already :)) 

i have had such a crazy last few weeks i can't believe i am now 36 weeks & my dr said she will deliver her this week or next if baby decides to come early! we had a few scares due to me continuing to have contractions on and off for the last few weeks & they were getting more and more intense so we went in to be checked & they found out that i am 1cm dilated & 50% effaced! the next day i lost my mucus plug, so now the waiting game begins. My dr also said if i were to deliver her early she would be healthy :) & she said she gives it 2 weeks and she does not think i will make it to my due date but you never know. hubs thinks next week & surprisingly so do i, i just can't see myself going another 4 weeks ya know? maybe its because deep down i just really want to meet her :) either way I'm happy with whatever day she decides! i am now going weekly to be checked so we will see if i progressed at all since last week! 

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