36 weeks

Monday, April 20, 2015

how far? 35/36 weeks

weight gain? yes & to be honest i have no idea how much! 

maternity clothes? yes,but i have been loving maxi dresses as the weather gets warmer 

best moment of the week?  getting the nursery finished! & finally getting around to doing my belly cast! i wanted to get it done just in case baby decides to come early ;)

sleep? still the same can't sleep, i get up 67000 times to pee, & also have been getting the worse leg cramps ever!

weird pregnancy moment? i was craaaaving onion rings for some reason late last night & my mouth was watering then a few minutes later they didn't sound very good? hahah 

size of baby?  honeydew melon! 4.2-5.8 lbs 17-18 in. long!! 

movement?  yes!! now they have been rolls & I'm actually seeing her little legs/arms glide across my stomach 

stretch marks?  yes found one tiny one above my belly button where my piercing was! 

food cravings?  cookies & milk

anything making you queasy? beef

what am i looking forward to?  meeting our peanut & smothering her with kisses & snuggles :)

belly button in or out? still out!

nursery? is complete check it out here if you haven't already :)) 

i have had such a crazy last few weeks i can't believe i am now 36 weeks & my dr said she will deliver her this week or next if baby decides to come early! we had a few scares due to me continuing to have contractions on and off for the last few weeks & they were getting more and more intense so we went in to be checked & they found out that i am 1cm dilated & 50% effaced! the next day i lost my mucus plug, so now the waiting game begins. My dr also said if i were to deliver her early she would be healthy :) & she said she gives it 2 weeks and she does not think i will make it to my due date but you never know. hubs thinks next week & surprisingly so do i, i just can't see myself going another 4 weeks ya know? maybe its because deep down i just really want to meet her :) either way I'm happy with whatever day she decides! i am now going weekly to be checked so we will see if i progressed at all since last week! 

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

  well guys our bags are all packed & ready to go incase baby girl makes an early arrival! i have so much to update on! but first i thought i would share some things I'm taking with me & this isn't even half of it! i know i over packed by some things i don't really need..but I'm a first time mom & i would rather have some comfort items & things i need then not have them at all.

first off button up pajamas, I'm taking some victorias secret ones that are a few years old & i don't mind getting them ruined!

second- a robe this is essential if you have visitors & just want to cover up. also can be great for walking the floors of the hospital without your backside being exposed to everyone

third- boppy this is going to come in handy to breast feed & also if i have to have a c-section it will be great to have baby be supported.

fourth- going home outfit for mom, i packed some loose fitted pants, a cotton tee & a zip up hoodie i figure I'm still going to have a baby pooch so i want to dress comfy! i also have a maxi dress if I'm feeling real fancy ;)

fifth- I'm still on the hunt for the perfect nursing bra but I'm sure this will come in handy! i plan on being in the hospital gown most of the time. so at home these will be good to have! also not listed is nursing pads just incase you have any sort of leakage!

six- can not forget the camera!!

seven-lanolin cream. need i say more.

eight- car seat & blanket

nine- cozy socks or slippers

ten-chargers/electronics we are taking the lap top & tablet to play music on & keep in touch with everyone since the rooms at the hospital do not get good service. & your own water bottle to stay hydrated!

eleven- toiletries/makeup to freshen up!

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nursery reveal

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

this has been a slow long time coming getting every little detail done in our girls nursery! it took me a long time to decide how i wanted her nursery since we are renting we are limited to things we can do so i stuck with simple pieces to hang in her room along with some colorful touches, to give it a more sweet baby feel.I'm so happy with how everything turned out! i can officially say we are ready for our peanut to be here I've been having some contractions & a bunch of other things going on that i will update soon we are 35 weeks & dr said she will deliver baby if i have her within the next 2 weeks if she were to come early, with that being said we have or hospital bags packed & ready to go! there are a few sentimental touches like the baby picture that hung in my nursery when i was a baby, & the beach painting my papa painted, along with the handmade head bands from family & friends at my baby shower. I feel so loved & overwhelmed with the thought our little one could be here any day now.

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b a b y s h o w e r

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

it could not have been more perfect you guys! a big thank you to my dad & my mom, is seriously the best for putting together every tiny detail from the headband station to they flower puffs she made herself! she did such a good job & i hope i can be as good of a mom as she has been to me to my little girl! we kept everything laid back, & had cupcakes instead of cake & subs/ chicken salad sandwiches on croissants & pasta/ fruit salad homemade lemonade & fresh Ice tea! it was the best & i never felt so much love for our little girl then i did on that day! we have had some contractions here & there i actually had some back to back at the shower...so i have a feeling our little one is coming earlier rather then later. so this weekend we are getting all the last minute stuff! nursery tour to come soon!!

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34 weeks

how far? 34 weeks!! 

weight gain? yes 25 lbs

maternity clothes? guys even my maternity pants i bought don't even fit me anymore! i have been loving maxi dresses!! 

best moment of the week?  the baby shower!! 

sleep? nope still no good & i am getting worse leg cramps! 

weird pregnancy moment? no

size of baby? butternut squash! 17-18 inch long! 4.2-5.8lbs!! 

movement?  yes!! 

stretch marks?  not yet!! 

food cravings?  chocolate milk!! 

anything making you queasy? still turkey/meats gross

what am i looking forward to?  this weekend! getting all the last minute items & finally completing her nursery :) 

belly button in or out? still out!

nursery? to be finished this weekend!! :) go here if you want to see what it looked like! 

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