Saturday, March 21, 2015

the invitations are sent out & the shower is being planned! ah i can't believe in only a couple weeks we will be celebrating our sweet girl with family & friends! i couldn't be more excited. i love the invitations all though i do have to say it took a while to find the perfect one, i had a strict mind set of something that sort of screamed spring, but was also girly! on a side note we are 32 weeks tomorrow! where is the time going.. who ever said that the third trimester drags is lying because i feel like it is certainly flying on by! we also didn't plan to have any more ultrasounds but we do get to see our girl this week to see how much she weighs, if she's head down, & also to check out my uterus since at my very first ultrasound they said i would most likely have a c-section since it is misshaped? but she also said this is common, but women are also able to have a natural birth. I'm not super crazy on how i want my "birth plan" to go since anything can happen I'm open to whatever is best to see our girl!

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