Monday, March 23, 2015

how far? 32 weeks! sorry for a blurry pic! 

weight gain? yes not sure how much now..

maternity clothes? oh yes my jeans are all to small unless i wear my belly band, but I'm not a fan of it & i find it uncomfortable, so i have been loving leggings! & all of my shirts officially hug the bump! ;)

best moment of the week?  baby girl gets hiccups a ton so i would say those are my favorite!

sleep? impossible i know I'm just going to get bigger but it is so hard to fall asleep & stay asleep..

weird pregnancy moment? nope

size of baby? size of a squash, 15.2-16.7 in  2.5-3.8 lbs!

movement?  yes!! 

stretch marks?  not yet!! 

food cravings? nothing to crazy but i have been loving sour patches & for some reason baby girl goes crazy when i eat them :D

anything making you queasy? still turkey/meats gross

what am i looking forward to? we weren't planning on having anymore ultrasounds but i am so excited to see her again this week!! since the last time was when i was 18 weeks for the anatomy scan I'm hoping they do a 3d but I'm not getting my hopes up to high! i picture her having chubby cheeks! 

belly button in or out? officially out! 

nursery? we decided to hold off on the nursery until after the shower, so i can wash anything & everything i need to before her arrival! is it weird i already  started packing the hospital bag? haha post on that to come once i am officially done! to see pics on what we have so far go here! 

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