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Monday, March 9, 2015

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ah guys its crunch time i only have 9 more weeks to go until we meet our girl and its sinking in more and more each day that i have so much to do with such little time. The shower is the beginning of april so until then i really can't buy to many things until i know what i get and what i need to get so thats putting a minor hold on things, so far i have cut all the tags off baby girls clothing & gathered a pile of 0-3 month clothing she will be wearing for the first few months. i decided to save myself the stress & time by only washing things she really needs and then getting out her bigger clothing once she no longer can fit into those things anymore. 

This weekend I'm getting things together for the hospital bag, & stocking up more on diapers/wipes, I'm using this list here! & purchasing the car seat & stroller! so much to do with so little time and i feel like she is going to come early like I've mentioned before  but if she doesn't I'm happy to wait until she is ready ;) so i would rather be prepared ahead of time before i get so big i don't want to do anything hahah. & baby girl is deffinatley getting big she is around 3 lbs now since I'm 30 weeks & her movements are getting more painful as her feet hit my ribs, :) I'm finding myself out of breath more and sleeping is a joke. i wake up at least 4 times in the middle of the night to pee and adjust myself. & lets talk about something so embarrassing  breast leakage sounds so gross, & it is! haha one thing i did want to mention is we purchased the infanteenie beanie off etsy  (here) and i get excited every time i get it out! its so small and hard to believe she will be wearing it on her first day into the world! 

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