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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

i can't believe in a few short months baby girl is going to be here! check out that newborn diaper, so small and so surreal she will be wearing these and our home will soon be filled with our new love. i can't tell you how excited i am or maybe i have too much but this is such a wonderful experience to not share and document for myself.i realize that there are people out there who are un able to carry a child or let alone have one of their own and the struggle to get to where we are now has been quite the journey of always wondering maybe i will never have a child of my own i feel guilty some days sharing so much, because i was the person who would get mad when someone announced their pregnancy who would feel sad when over hearing someone say how many cute baby things they got their unborn child and who would feel defeated every month/ year of not being pregnant because i wanted so badly for it to be my turn. so this is to all of you who are struggling with infertility, to never give up always have hope don't be hard on yourself and give everything time. i know its easier said thens done but i was in your shoes i remember the pain & i know how lucky i am to be carrying my baby girl, & I never once have taken this pregnancy for granted because i know how fast time goes & i will wish for my bump to be back and to feel those tiny kicks a few more times, i may complain here and there about my belly being too "big" and not being able to sleep at night but i remind myself I'm growing a human, & thats pretty remarkable. 

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