Tuesday, January 13, 2015

how far? 21 weeks!

weight gain? yes, up 6 pounds

maternity clothes? yes! just purchased some maternity bras too loving these!

best moment of the week?  feeling her kick like crazy the other night when we were lying in bed, as soon as hubs put his hand there baby girl went crazy, she loves her daddy & of course i cried!

sleep? getting better but still having restless nights

weird pregnancy moment? ? i don't know if this is weird but i forget    e  v e r y t h i n g!!!

size of baby?  banana

movement?  yes!! 

stretch marks?  not yet,still using coconut oil!

food cravings? fried pickles, normally they just hit me and i have to have it. and then they go away i swear its something new each week..

anything making you queasy? still turkey/meats

what am i looking forward to? starting our baby registry and planning the shower!

belly button in or out? slowly coming out !

nursery? not yet but we do have a lot of clothes, and things stocked up! 

 photo white-square-872x844-3_zpse12fb2ff.jpg


  1. How cute! I love that you did this little questionnaire! I can't even imagine how exciting it was for you to feel her kick! <3

    - StyledByBlondie.com

    1. thanks so much!! it has been a truly amazing feeling!


  2. aww I love this questionnaire. you look super good in your photo :)


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