bumpdate 24 weeks

Thursday, January 29, 2015

^ahhh check out P! she has been so attached to me since becoming pregnant^

how far? 24 weeks!

weight gain? yes, not sure how much 

maternity clothes? yes, & still wearing yoga pants

best moment of the week? her kicks getting stronger & stronger also getting the nursery put somewhat together but no where close to being done. also getting her a bassinet which will be in our room since we will be co-sleeping :) 

sleep? same, some nights are better then others 

weird pregnancy moment?  its not weird,but definitely a weird feeling when baby girl bunches up in one area of my belly it looks super lopsided and lumpy haha

size of baby?  cantaloupe! 

movement?  yes!! 

stretch marks?  not yet,still using coconut oil!

food cravings? not anything i can think of 

anything making you queasy? still turkey/meats gross

what am i looking forward to? lets say what I'm not looking forward to, the glucose test i have in the next week, :/

belly button in or out? half way out? its strange it goes back in and back out some days haha 

nursery? yes, or at least a start! i keep having dreams she will be here early like 36/37 weeks so i have been super crazy with trying to at least get a start on the nursery and slowly put it together each month instead of rush around before she is here.. post on the nursery here

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n u r s e r y

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

crib//similar//globe//grandpas-option// dress//shoes//

ahhhh! i can not begin to tell you how excited we are to start the nursery! we have so much going on right now from planning the shower which is going to be in early april, to picking out invitations which i have no idea where to begin/look on that.. so any suggestions would be great! i have so many ideas and everything is a little crazy in there but i do plan on doing updates as we go along! baby girl already has so many clothes, and the prettiest summer dress grandma got her & i can not wait to put her in it. i am crossing my fingers she will fit into that adorable little outfit with the bows and that head band (gush!)  i want to bring her home from the hospital in that but it looks a little big even though its a 0-3.  my favorite little pieces are her onesies that are anything daddy on them i think in total she has about 15 just dedicated to her daddy! i can not wait to meet her and i actually calculated how many weeks we have left and it was 15 ;) i have a feeling i am going to hate waiting, but it will be so much worth it in the end.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

before i found out i was pregnant i dreamed of one day having you. the day those two lines appeared on that one last test i had left over from the previous month when i thought for sure this was it i was finally pregnant, after months and months on end seeing one line and the heart break that filled my blood while wondering if something was truly wrong and worried if the day i seen 2 lines would ever come was beginning to fade away. i had stared at the test for hours i cried in fear and joy.  but mostly joy these questions run through my head, was i ready? was i going to be good enough? was i going to be everything she needed and more? those questions still run through my mind, even though i know our bond is already unbreakable and i already love you with my whole heart  I know that i am not perfect but i will be perfect for you. i will kiss your boo boos when you fall down i will build you up when you are down, i will be the arms you can run to, i will hold your hand until you let go, i will make you laugh when you want to cry, i will say i love you way too much, i will fall in love with your daddy all over again when i see him with you, he is already so in love with you.i will rock you to sleep, i will read to you, i will be silly just for you. i will smile when i feel you moving inside of me and cry when daddy feels your kicks.  i want to remind you the world is big but never scary & you can do anything you set your mind to. i never knew how much you could change me into the person i want to be for you. we can't wait to meet you sweet baby girl.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

how far? 21 weeks!

weight gain? yes, up 6 pounds

maternity clothes? yes! just purchased some maternity bras too loving these!

best moment of the week?  feeling her kick like crazy the other night when we were lying in bed, as soon as hubs put his hand there baby girl went crazy, she loves her daddy & of course i cried!

sleep? getting better but still having restless nights

weird pregnancy moment? ? i don't know if this is weird but i forget    e  v e r y t h i n g!!!

size of baby?  banana

movement?  yes!! 

stretch marks?  not yet,still using coconut oil!

food cravings? fried pickles, normally they just hit me and i have to have it. and then they go away i swear its something new each week..

anything making you queasy? still turkey/meats

what am i looking forward to? starting our baby registry and planning the shower!

belly button in or out? slowly coming out !

nursery? not yet but we do have a lot of clothes, and things stocked up! 

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do you want to build a snowman?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

& thats just what we did. haha. but seriously these week days are just draaaggginnggg, on the plus we are starting our registry next weekend for baby girl and couldn't be more excited!

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we got snow

Sunday, January 4, 2015

over the weekend we got snow and we were hit pretty hard with it, perfect snow for building a snowman which is exactly what we did. P joined me. we are 21 weeks today! it feels like this pregnancy is slowly starting to fly by if that makes since? its so unreal hubs and i will be starting our registry the end of this month and we have a ton of planning to do for the baby shower, & in just 4 short months our baby girl will be here! my bump has definitely popped out a lot more and baby girl is kicking up a storm its pretty much the best feeling in the world. 

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

guys!! so much to update on! we are now 20 weeks! & last week we were in aw at our anatomy scan our tech was amazing and she switched to 4d and we were in shock at how little one is moving so much she had her hands by her face and even sucked her thumb it was amazing seeing her move around so much and its unreal how much she looks like a little baby! i know that sounds funny but its just so crazy to me i still find myself thinking she's inside of me squirming around and sucking her thumb! after we found out we were going to have a girl! we couldn't help but go out and buy her some things! its hard to believe we are half way here and only 20 more weeks to go until we meet her! our hearts are filled with so much love and happiness heres to 2015! hope all of you had a 

h a p p y   n e w  y e a r!!

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