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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

 *i know i didn't share her 6 month photos so these are from then ;) *

still cant believe she is now 7 months! she loves to play with her feet, scratch things. i mean everything. she is eating lots of food now and her favorite is peaches & sweet potatoes. loves her daddy and is now pulling up on things. said what sounded like dada this month ;) defiantly said momma but now she doesn't :( she laughs at her doggies especially when they get a drink of water. she says nuhuh when she is upset or mad. kicks her feet when she is super excited. puts her paci in her mouth on her own. two bottom teeth. & lots of people ask if we are still breastfeeding and we are! 7 months and going strong. it was not an easy journey but most definitely precious. 

im back and merry christmas!

Monday, December 28, 2015

I have missed blogging so i am going to try to at least blog once a week since my schedule is crazy now with peanut! we have had a rough month due to her teething and she popped her two bottom teeth and they are the cutest! im doing her 7 month update soon! i can not believe she is 7 months  (soon to be 8.)these months are flying by hence the reason for no posts. i also re branded my site! into my name let me know what you think! also merry christmas to you all and thank you for still stopping buy and reading this thing! here are a few pics from a couple weeks ago when we took peanut to santas house! 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I know i just did an update on Ava's 5 month but i seriously cant believe she is already 6months as of yesterday! these months are just flying by so fast! we have been discovering some new toys the last few months that i wanted to share on what miss thing has been loving lately! as she is over the whole sitting still and cuddle with momma phase :( but we still snuggle anytime she is up for it which is most of the time but not of late. she wants to sit up and grab things and be on the move miss independent over here! 

1. rock n play has been a life saver! this is a must have we loved it she naps in it and i love that its not designated to one are and i can move it around the house she is getting bigger now though and she is outgrowing it so any suggestions on something similar?

2. tethers. pretty sure she started teething this month she has been chewing her fingers & you  can never have to many i will say she gets frustrated with sophie the giraffe because it is sometimes hard to hold so she has been loving the nuby ring. also cold washcloths. still no teeth though

3. Bumbo. we having been using it as her high chair for now but recently upgraded since her chunky thighs were getting stuck ;))

4.books. all any kind especially loving this one!!

5. sleepers. she pretty much lives in these i try to keep her comfy when we are just  home lounging. the ones with the feet i love also ones that have grips on the feet when she is in her jumper on the hard wood so she doesn't slip.'

6. jumper she loves this! all the toys are her fave we have this one.

7. bib we started solids this month mostly purees. and we have been going through cloth bibs like crazy so this one is easy to clean and folds up to take on the go!

7. cozy blankets she loves blankets by her face and the smaller one  here i let her nap still scares me at night for her to have blankets she is in her crib. sleeping in our room and sometimes in our bed guilty. we are still breastfeeding so its easier ;))
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Monday, November 9, 2015

^ she was an elephant for halloween^

five months. ah i know im late and we are soon nearing her 1/2 birthday!! where does the time go? i don't even know where to begin with this one! she is seriously the best! she is saying mumma. and if she catches you smiling she smiles back! she loves her jumper & her doggie Penelope especially when she gets to pet her. grabbing everything. rolls from back to belly. she wants to crawl! and she now leans into everything and has started reaching for people :( mostly dada.started solids! thinks its funny when you cough and she now fake coughs which is the cutest. totally obsessed with her dada. exp. his hair. still loves bath time and is now starting to want to sit right up in the bath. loves to suck on washcloths.. grandma bought her this and she has been loving it! i put frozen breast milk cubes in it and its her fave. also no teeth yet. 

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

 today was one of those days those rare days when the baby takes a second nap early in the morning her belly full and she is in that heavenly sleep. the kind you just want to eat up because she looks so sweet & innocent. so while she slept i was able to whip up a quick and super easy breakfast its always good to switch things up from the norm. which is either oatmeal with blueberries, or yogurt. or basically whatever is quick and easy for those crazy mornings. so this has deff. been my go to for those mornings where i have a little extra time.

  r e c i p i e.

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p u m p k i n

Sunday, November 1, 2015

oh my. so. sorry for the absence on this blog. its so easy to forget to sit down and actually create posts for you guys. I have been so busy with little missy that i forgot what it was like to blog! your best bet to see recent activity is via pinterest im on there all the time haha. I missed blogging. so why not share some old photos from the pumpkin farm that you've probably are sick of and have probably seen a billion by now from every other blogger but here ya go ;)

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Monday, September 14, 2015

clothing/ 3-6

blowing bubbles 
tummy  time 
when daddy does the airplane with her 
food, (still breastfeeding)
her baby we got her this one 
sitting up
chewing/sucking her thumb

having bad dreams
when the doggies bark ( she is starting to really notice them)
when mommy sneezes 

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denim dress

Thursday, September 10, 2015


we had a bit of a heat wave these last few days so i have defiantly been wearing the last of my summer dresses and slowly ok fastly if thats even a word, busting out my flannel shirts, scarves,boots, & leggings. this summer seems like it went by fast & it was defiantly the best one yet since having my baby girl, but im so ready for what fall has to offer and taking sweet Ava to the pumpkin farm for the first time. so heres my official so long summer hello fall transition. who else is ready for fall?

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Monday, September 7, 2015

ok. so if im being completely honest with you guys, I have been suffering big time from postpartum hair loss. I mean last month is when it was getting bad to the point where i would brush it and tons would fall out..I would go to pull it back and little strands would come out along with it. it was getting to the point where i felt like i was shedding! so i chopped it off.. thinking that would help. and it did. somewhat but i still loose some here and there. so i wanted to change up my hair routine and was on the look out for a new shampoo and conditioner,so when mapleholistics contacted me & asked me to try out their products I was thrilled! I love the packaging & the smell it smells so good! & the best part is that it is not tested on animals,sulfate free & all natural cosmetics. So far my hair has felt so much better & it is so shiny! So i have teamed up with Maple holistics & for an awesome giveaway for the argon oil shampoo and conditioner (the ones i use) all you have to do is leave a comment down below ;) 

* you can also win a FREE product by going here*

thank you Maple holistics and for sponsoring this post

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time for a change.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

ok guys if you are following me on pinterest you may have seen me pin a billion short hair cuts & after a lot of thinking i finally did it annnndd it feels so much better! a little back story i have never in my life had my hair this short! let alone above my collar bone its always been a little past my boob i cant tell you how excited i was to start fresh and get rid of my "old" hair if you know what i mean. i mean just look at that mess haha my husband said it looked like carpet..haha so it had to go. you should have seen his face though when i walked out ;) he was grinning from ear to ear. & with being a new mom its seriously so easy to style & go.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

3 months! i know i will probably say this until it hits me my baby is getting so big and every month it amazes me on how much she is growing and developing and learning. today though is one for the books i haven't heard her laugh yet. sure the little giggles and grunts but not a full on belly laugh and today she did it. i was changing her and i was just smiling at her and saying " hiiii baby!" and i would get close to her face kiss her nose and move back and do it again and that did it. to the point where i called hubs up stairs while i stood there and cried. i mean come on. simply precious. 

bath time
her toys we introduced her to sophie and her elephant  
sitting up! she is holding her head so good
her dogs she is noticing them more when they play she smiles and watches 
when mama reads to her

being cold
having lotion on
being hungry my girl loves her food like her momma ;))
loud sounds, she doesn't cry at them yet but she does get wide eyed 

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

guys i honestly don't know where the time has gone it seems like it was just yesterday that i had this little nugget! she is getting so big weighing in at a chunky 13.5 lbs! she has these delicious rolls and chunky cheeks that i just kiss all day long.

bath time (when dada gives them to her)
blowing bubbles

being naked
being cold
being hungry, (exp when momma takes her time) as if!
sneezing she makes this confused face after its the cutest!

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Monday, July 27, 2015

 so lets talk. i have been in a funk about blogging for the last few months since giving birth. you might have seen that i posted my birth story last week,but i did decide to take it down.. i guess i have been going back and forth of what i want to share on this blog & what i want to keep private. ya know? i honestly have come on here almost every day for the past week on deciding what i want to post. & i do miss it but its so easy to get distracted and caught up in the blogger world, & to think your life is no where near as perfect as some bloggers make theirs look. so then i get into this funk of just not even wanting to post. i have a million pictures of my sweet girl but some i just don't want to share on instagram, facebook, blog ext... i guess i just want to keep some things to myself & enjoy the moment instead of worrying about posting it right away for the whole world to see? so yes im going to keep blogging even though i feel like I've lost it some how haha. yes im going to share some things but i also want to keep some things for myself ;) hope that makes since. im sure you mommas out there can relate.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

my mom has always loved working outside in her garden, she has more patience then i do when it comes to those things she really takes the time to plant every flower, pull every weed, & place rocks where they belong. so when she decided to take on this project i knew it would turn out beautifully. a little back story on this here sanctuary she created as a place to go & simply pray, sit and talk or just watch the birds. its a special place in her heart as her father ( my grandpa) passed away suddenly a couple months ago of  a heart attack  (2 days before baby girl was born) he had left this gazebo for my mom and had planned on getting it over to her within a few days before his passing she created something beautiful out of sorrow.  its simply to perfect not to share. love you momma.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

hey guys! i wanted to share some of my "new" mommy must haves for those first few weeks & beyond and some things i seriously couldn't live without!

1. nursing bras. i have this one but you seriously can never have to many especially if you plan on breastfeeding for a while its defiantly worth it to invest in a good nursing bra, & some tanks as well

2.  sleep sack.we still use these and i love them, when she was only a few weeks old we did swaddle and she didn't mind being swaddled at all, but i as a new mom worried she would get out of the swaddle and the blanket would end up by her face. she seems to sleep so well when she is in them i have been putting her in a onesie and then zipping her up.

3. aiden and anais swaddle blankets. yes they are worth the hype. trust me i almost didn't buy them since they are a little on the pricey side but they are so worth it! they are also lightweight so they are perfect for the summer.  and you can use them for anything! (tie the ends and use as a nursing cover/burp cloth,blanket) just to name a few.

4. water bottle. is a must for new moms, im still working on my water intake myself but i am going to be purchasing a new one with an insert for fruit to spice things up and make me want to drink it more ;)

5.paci. is optional of course the ones my daughter loves are the curved gummy kind.

6. lanolin i haven't tried the one in the purple tube, but i am loving the medela brand and i will be re purchasing its not sticky & absorbs well.

7. burts bees baby clothing i had no idea they even made baby clothes? i was in marshals before she was born and ended up getting a few outfits and they have been my favorite they are organic and really soft!

8. diaper bag. this is the exact one i have, & i love it so far it has been good to us the only down side is it is a little on the girly side my husband has yet to carry it like i do because in his words "it looks like a purse." haha

9. rock n sleep. we just discovered she loves this through out the day for her naps its easy to move around the house & has calming vibrations.

10. aveeno baby. these products have been my favorite , i did decide on to use johnson and johnson for many reasons. she also has sensitive skin so these have been perfect for her dry skin as well.

11. netflix/youtuybe these have been life savors during the first few weeks even though you might not be watching them ;)

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she is here!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

she has arrived! born on mothers day, 7 lbs 2 oz 19inches long, & we are in love over here. i didn't mean to neglect this here blog but i have been soaking her in. birth story to come soon ;)

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36 weeks

Monday, April 20, 2015

how far? 35/36 weeks

weight gain? yes & to be honest i have no idea how much! 

maternity clothes? yes,but i have been loving maxi dresses as the weather gets warmer 

best moment of the week?  getting the nursery finished! & finally getting around to doing my belly cast! i wanted to get it done just in case baby decides to come early ;)

sleep? still the same can't sleep, i get up 67000 times to pee, & also have been getting the worse leg cramps ever!

weird pregnancy moment? i was craaaaving onion rings for some reason late last night & my mouth was watering then a few minutes later they didn't sound very good? hahah 

size of baby?  honeydew melon! 4.2-5.8 lbs 17-18 in. long!! 

movement?  yes!! now they have been rolls & I'm actually seeing her little legs/arms glide across my stomach 

stretch marks?  yes found one tiny one above my belly button where my piercing was! 

food cravings?  cookies & milk

anything making you queasy? beef

what am i looking forward to?  meeting our peanut & smothering her with kisses & snuggles :)

belly button in or out? still out!

nursery? is complete check it out here if you haven't already :)) 

i have had such a crazy last few weeks i can't believe i am now 36 weeks & my dr said she will deliver her this week or next if baby decides to come early! we had a few scares due to me continuing to have contractions on and off for the last few weeks & they were getting more and more intense so we went in to be checked & they found out that i am 1cm dilated & 50% effaced! the next day i lost my mucus plug, so now the waiting game begins. My dr also said if i were to deliver her early she would be healthy :) & she said she gives it 2 weeks and she does not think i will make it to my due date but you never know. hubs thinks next week & surprisingly so do i, i just can't see myself going another 4 weeks ya know? maybe its because deep down i just really want to meet her :) either way I'm happy with whatever day she decides! i am now going weekly to be checked so we will see if i progressed at all since last week! 

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