Wednesday, November 19, 2014


i can't believe i am 14 weeks! it feels like these weeks are flying by! thanksgiving is coming up and around the corner from there christams! where is time going?! i put together some of my pregnancy must haves that have helped me through the first trimester especially now that i am in the second i feel more like my normal self again minus still feeling nauseous! 

1. a journal. i started mine when i found out we were pregnant and have wrote little things here and there about how I'm feeling and such. i think it will make as a great gift to little one when he/she is older.

2.coconut oil!! i have been using this for everything my skin has been soaking it up because it is so dry! so this has been the best!

3. a pillow/body pillow. i have yet to buy a body pillow but i have been using this huge pillow to sleep with between my legs, i find it is the comfiest and fastest way to fall asleep!

4. bralettes have been my go to aside from sports bras they are far more pretty and have the same comfort. 

5. nivea hand cream! once again great for chapped dry hands, love this stuff.

6. WATER i can't stress this enough i am trying my self to still get 8 glasses a day so the easiest i find is getting a big water bottle and filling it ever 2 spice things up add some lemon slices and cucumber for better taste!

7. nivea lip balm also another life saver due to chapped lips and these cooler months ahead!

8.gummy prenatals, yes they are ok to take,yes they have the same nutrients as pill form. i find these so much easier to take since nausea is not fun trying to swallow big pills!!

9. yoga pants have become by best friend!

10. essie nail polish is safe to use while pregnant and has no added chemicals!

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