13 weeks

Friday, November 14, 2014

b u m p d a t e

how far? 13 weeks, 3 days

weight gain? not yet, thinking I've lost actually due to being sick all day for the first few weeks morning sickness should be called all day sickness! but I've relied on my zofran for the last week so i can keep foods down.

maternity clothes? not yet

best moment of the week? feeling little flutters!

sleep? has been a hit and miss. i either sleep the best sleep ever or i am restless and can't sleep at all.

weird pregnancy moment? not yet.. other then forgetting things like what i was going to do/say.. pregnancy brain!

size of baby? this week baby is the size of a peach!

movement? funny actually, i thought i felt movement yesterday twice! it was a little flutter as i was listening to tom petty it was enough to make me yell "i felt the baby!" but not sure if it was gas bubbles.

stretch marks?  not yet, coconut oil has been my best friend, my skin has been so dry!

food cravings? mmm.. yes this last week i have been on a craving kick, cinnamon rolls,mexican food,salsa especially & crispy hash browns with ketchup,& i normally hate ketchup.

anything making you queasy? eggs, meat, mostly smells get to me.

what am i looking forward to? feeling baby really move! & our 20 week appointment before christmas we find out the gender!

what i miss? enjoying food,& not having to worry about keeping it down.

nursery? not yet.

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  1. Tres exciting.....are you going to share the baby gender news!?


    1. yes we are!! i am dying to find out we will know dec 22nd!!

      x o

  2. You look great.Nice post!

  3. aw you look amazing! congrats!!


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