its snowing

Friday, October 31, 2014

over the weekend we went to my aunts halloween party and had so much fun! i really liked doing hubs makeup he wanted a torn creepy smile so we got some liquid latex and some toilet paper and makeup and viola. haha i was a broken doll, mom was a sugar skull,brother was a hunter,his girlfriend carman was a deer, and not photographed dad who went as a nerd. i didn't take my camera to the party but managed to get some of all of us dressed up :) maybe this will give you some ideas for halloween if you haven't already decided what your going to be. and a big happy halloween to all of you, and a big hello winter to the snow that is falling outside? ;)

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  1. you guys look amazing! i love all of your costumes.

    i'm so jealous that you have snow!! today i saw the first little flurries of the season, but nothing stayed on the ground. i'm excited for the first real snowfall though :)

    also- what font did you use for your header? i love it. it looks amazing!


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