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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

we are here and it is so hot these last few weeks have been a little hard adjusting to the major heat change since wyoming was on the high 80's/90's and thats the lows here at night. I have to say i am getting use to it though even though it feels like a blow dryer on my face whenever i walk outside ;)) you know typical AZ weather not sure how we managed when we lived here a couple years ago. 

One thing I am getting use to is the palm trees call me crazy but i love them something about seeing them makes me feel lucky to live in a "tropical" place if you can even call it that growing up Michigan didn't have anything close to palm trees.. only pine trees. so i must say it is a nice change. 

I am way too excited to shop for our house though, we went to ross and kirklands and pier one and man oh man was i excited i have so many ideas running threw my head light and airy is what i am going for since it is soooo hot I'm thinking thats a good choice? also i can't get enough kneaders their chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl is to dieeeeee for! I know what your thinking soup? when its 110 outtt but trust, they have ac so it makes it well worth it :)


  1. You ARE lucky to live in a tropical place. Better than Michigan...or Indiana...with pine trees. Those are some massive palm trees though, they must be ancient!

    likkie xx,

    1. thanks so much! yes i agree with you! they were huge!!



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