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Thursday, June 19, 2014

some of you may or may not know we are in the process of moving and slowly packing and deciding where we are going.. i know ..the location is still unknown to us.. talk about stressful tons have been on my mind these last few weeks and getting a place before we actually get there has been a struggle especially not being able to see the house other than what is on line. Now that we are moving for the 4th time (north carolina//Arizona//Wyoming//)and hopefully the final time we have gained a few more things such as 2 dogs one who is almost potty trained! a guinea pig who has been with us since the start, and all of our furniture in which before we moved in the past we sold everything and started new.. lesson learned never doing that again! so these next few weeks are going to be crazy busy! i will be sure to fill all of you in as soon as we get to our destination haha



  1. Good luck with the moving process! We've been techinically "homeless" for almost two years now, except all of our possesions in a storage unit. I dream of the day we find a forever home.

    1. thank you so much love! I seen you were recently in Michigan! i was just there a week ago! we should have got together :) its nice being able to travel and see the world its scary to me to "settle" in one place xo

  2. oh and p.s you have to see mackinaw island if you haven't already and the sleepy bear dunes! my faves ;)


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