Saturday, June 28, 2014

we have been taking breaks here and there on packing and what not sorry thats all these posts are about lately... promise to share the location once we move and are settled in ;) its something exciting! So hubs and I ventured out down the highway a little ways and through these windy roads and found this awesome little spot to check out. which I'm glad we did, the water was too cold to swim but i kept it comfy with this cute triangle dress which is the perfect material for those hot summer days. Also a biiiiiggg happy birthday to hubs today!! love you handsome

beach day

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

suit/target//shorts//levi's(diy) option //sandals//F21//Shades//old

needing one of these right now 


o u t

Monday, June 23, 2014

we took a mini trip down the highway to this little town and explored what it had to offer, we are trying to spend some time "soaking" up this place if thats what you want to call it before we leave here and start our next adventure somewhere new, its official location has been confirmed and u haul has been reserved and we leave next sunday! but don't you worry i will share with you all when we get settled in ;) so hows the packing going you ask? ha ha no nope no packing at all seriously and we need to get a move on, hubs plan is to pack 2 days before we move!? but today it starts we are going to be living out of boxes for the next few months but thats ok.. we have done it before many times. for those of you who have been following for a while know that i have lived in 3 different states and moved all those times, we make it work. on to packing!

f r e s h

Thursday, June 19, 2014

some of you may or may not know we are in the process of moving and slowly packing and deciding where we are going.. i know ..the location is still unknown to us.. talk about stressful tons have been on my mind these last few weeks and getting a place before we actually get there has been a struggle especially not being able to see the house other than what is on line. Now that we are moving for the 4th time (north carolina//Arizona//Wyoming//)and hopefully the final time we have gained a few more things such as 2 dogs one who is almost potty trained! a guinea pig who has been with us since the start, and all of our furniture in which before we moved in the past we sold everything and started new.. lesson learned never doing that again! so these next few weeks are going to be crazy busy! i will be sure to fill all of you in as soon as we get to our destination haha


where have i been?

Friday, June 13, 2014

 tank//thrifted shorts//big star & levi's//shoes//f21//sunglasses//old// bag//thrifted 

 hey guys! I know its been a while I have been gone for a  bit but i took a mini vacation to Michigan! I was only there a few days and it was so nice to get away for a little bit! however i did not take very many pics because i broke my phone.. :/ and my carry on was that bag up there and it was packed full of clothes here is  an outfit i have been loving lately and those lacy bralettes are perfect for those sheer tops in this hot weather. 

update on penelope

Thursday, June 5, 2014

she is a little chunk.
she can e a t and eat and eat some more i think she thinks she is a vacuum
bites hanks legs,ears,and lips especially
loves that pink pig
& is terrified of thunder storms.
little babe is 3 months today! 

a little secret

I know i have been gone for well over a week but i promise you i have a good reason, or do i? ha the weather here has been insanely nice and i have been by the pool a ton lately.. and also have been keeping a little secret.....drrruummmm rolllllll....... we ARE moving! the location is going to a surprise i know i know and i have been so busy trying to figure everything out and slowly pack before the big move within the next few weeks things are going to be hectic around here so bare with me until all this settles and we are settled :) thanks for understanding you guys are the best ;)



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