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Monday, May 19, 2014

ahh! food!! If you know me i love food especially summer food, and by that i mean grilling all sorts of things and eating those cool salads of any sort such as ; fruit,pasta, and crab just to name some faves! there is nothing better than a hot summer day and some refreshing foods! I put together some favorites i want to try this summer 

cucumber lime/lemon water is so refreshing and soooo good! cucumber hydrate you and keep you cool for those hot days. 

Next is sweet potato fries sweet potatoes are high in vitamins such as b6,C,&D. they also have a great source of iron for that energy boost and magnesium which is a great "anti-stress" mineral! 

then there is my favorite fruit pineapple! i love pineapple and it is even better on the grill! sprinkle with a little brown sugar and you got yourself a tasty desert! and last is one of my favorites that i make a ton, 

artichokes yum. you can eat them with just about anything as i tend to eat them with chicken and rice, they are also just as tasty on their own and even better once again on the grill! i like to dip mind in a garlic/butter blend and hubs likes mayo. Cheers to this summer and tasty new finds! its safe to say we are almost in june and the weather here has been nice! let just hope its stays this way! 



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