the cake.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


first off i want to start and say husband is the best, hah no really. he baked that cake all by himself and even wrote on it and everything, poor guy broke the candle though but thats ok ;). we celebrated our third year of being married and i took a mini brake i know I'm not sure where all these breaks are coming from a lot has been going on and blogging is not one of them but i have been working on it.... promise. 

so here is a tad of whats been going on lots of hank and we decided it would be fun to draw eyebrows on him today using a pencil liner from my makeup bag only to find hours later of it not coming off. tons of fun did i mention he hates it when you touch his face especially above his eyes.. talk about a challenge my poor boy finally has a fresh eybrowless face sorry bud, oh yah and there just might be a new addition to the family. we are talking dogs people. dogs. 


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