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Monday, April 14, 2014

this has been going around in the past and i thought why not do something different ;) especially since it is freezing outside and the wind is going absolutely crazy. happy not so spring..

Making : a comfy seat on the couch with some tea
Cooking: nothing yet
Drinking : green  tea
Reading : nothing at the moment, suggestions?
Wanting : a new couch..
Looking: at Pinterest inspiration for redecorating! spring cleaning 
Playing: with hankers 
Wasting: -
Enjoying: was enjoying the weather till we got snow... what is this
Waiting: for spring to be here and quit playing tricks with the weather!
Liking: that i have been in this weird cleaning mood since we got back from our vacation..
Wondering: a lot actually
Loving: that hank is snoring so loud haha zzzz
Hoping: for something
Marveling: at hank and hubs playing together 
Needing: new sheets
Smelling: vanilla cashmere candle burning
Wearing: husbands sweats, baggy tee, bare feet
Noticing: hank is getting more snuggly as he gets older 
Knowing: "every little thing is gonna be alright " cue bob marley 
Thinking:  of swimsuits and sunnies
Feeling: grateful.
Bookmarking: skirts, wedges, bikinis..new hair styles! 
Opening: a box of easter cupcakes, yum!
Giggling: at 
Feeling: comfort

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