sea salt

Thursday, April 24, 2014

sea salt

guys its finally warm. and staying warm and the warmer it gets the more i regret living in this desert of a state with no lakes, or oceans I miss the salty north carolina air and the smell of the ocean from what we use to call home. its crazy how one place can have such an effect on you.. I'm not saying i hate living here but its nothing compared to living near the ocean thats for sure. rant over. anyways that lush sea spray stuff  is suppose to be real good! fun fact i have never owned or bought anything from lush always have and always wanted to.. ha tell me what you like from lush? hope your enjoying the warmer weather also 



  1. Once I've buyed something from lush to my mother, she liked it. They have nice stuffs. :)

    I really like the outfit, perfect for a sunny day in the city. :)

    1. aw that is so sweet of you to do! thank you love

  2. I haven't shopped lush but they have great looking items!
    Love this inspired outfit. It's something I would want to wear for sure!


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