Thursday, April 17, 2014

Finally the weather is getting warm enough to wear this pretty little white dress i thrifted! and those sandals are thrifted too.which reminded me of these that are a huge trend right now! I'm telling you i have had such good luck lately there finding new things here and there. 

yesterday was our 3 year anniversary of being married, it is crazy how time goes so fast, it seems like just yesterday we were getting married and moving to north carolina to start our life together. now fast forward 3 years and we have been through and done so much together it truly is amazing how time can bring two people closer i love him more than i ever have and i didnt think that was possible sure we have our ups and downs but those are what brings you closer and your bond that much stronger, Love you with all of my heart my love. here's to 3 years and many more 


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